Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Riding with Dave (September 30)

As a very well balanced world traveler you would think I could stay on top of things but lately everything has been upside down.

So many adventures, back to back.

But I'm not complaining. And I'm happy that I finally have enough time on my hands to share with you the great time I had when I got to ride with Dave.

The adventure began on September 30. I was happy that October was almost here.

I love October as that's when Halloween comes up and I can dress up like a human.  But back to September 30.

Todd picked me up and told me that we were going for a bike ride. Yay! But it was dark outside and I was a bit nervous when he stuffed me in his backpack. I was almost shivering  when he took me out of his backpack and then handed me to this stranger people call David Fisch.

I'll just call him Dave. Dave seemed excited to see me and gave me a big smile so I calmed down quickly... Even better, he put me in his back pocket so I was able to see everything! So much better than Todd's dark backpack. I need to talk to Todd about that!

Dave even had a rain coat for me to keep me nice and dry in case he started to sweat! Sweet.

Rumor has it that Dave rode 5,000 miles across the country so I knew I was in good hands.

Boy did I have fun going down Calaveras with him I love going fast and so does Dave!

Here's a shot of the three of us (Todd, Dave, and me) relaxing after a speedy descent!

Life is good! I think any friend of Todd's is a friend of mine!

And here I am at Dave's work! Nice place! Nice saddle, but I can't reach the handlebars!

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