Wednesday, October 14, 2015

October 3 Fun and Games at the Treebones Resort Day 2

Can you believe it? All you can eat breakfast with waffles, home made peanut butter, quiche, fresh juice, even bananas!

But there's more.

Soon we were on our bikes riding up Hwy 1. It was a bit spooky with some of the car drivers but that's the life of a #Cyclomonkey. I waved at everyone and asked them to slow down and give us 3 feet. Some only gave us 3 monkey feet. That's not cool. But most drivers waved back and gave me (and Dave) plenty of room.

After lots of ups and downs Dave and Dedi turned right and we started to climb. and climb. and climb! I love it!

...and no traffic.

We stopped for some photo ops. Nice. I needed the break. The air was starting to feel thin!

Stopping for some fresh air!

I love it when Dedi smiles!

Shall we dance!

We kept climbing and made it all the way to the top where we visited the New Camaldoli Hermitage. 

Wow is all I can say!

Boy we are up high!

The monastery!

Our ride home was quite nice. More of a shoulder heading South. I liked that. We met a funny rider from Wales. He thought I was quite the sight! He rode with us and told me he was rooting for Australia in the Rugby games. Promised me a beer if they won. But my friend Sean Maloney would have not liked it if I celebrated with him.  I knew Sean was rooting for England. So I politely told him no.

We got back to the Yurt and Dave wanted a few more miles. So we rode up a super steep dirt road. I thought we would tip over backwards. But Dave climbs about as well as Todd so we were fine. But I was still a bit scared. 

Swinging in the wind!

Finally a close up of me! I sure am cute if I may say so myself!

The ride home was sure bumpy and steep but I got to ride up front and really enjoyed it!

From here it was another nice evening but Sunday we headed home. I was a bit sad. So I won't show any pictures from that sad day. But don't worry.  I know that more adventures await me. I've heard talk of Italy, Scandinavia and even Australia. I wonder which one is next!


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