Wednesday, October 14, 2015

October 2 Treebones Resort Day 1

Can things get better! YES! SWEET!

Dave and Dedi are driving me to Big Sur!

I will get to see tree houses, new trails, new adventures, and I'm sure new friends!
I'm ready to go!

It was a long drive but the company was great.

Driving away!

We stopped at the old Steinbeck cafe in Monterey for a quick lunch.

Kids with greasy fingers were all around and wanting to play with me, but Dave and Dedi kept me safe and explained to them that I was famous and needed to be kept out of their reach! Pheww..

Here I am lounging around before the big adventure!

Just Hanging out!

Keeping Dedi company and cooling off next to some ice water!

After lunch and a scenic drive down Highway 1 we reached the wonderful Treebones resort. I couldn't believe it! 

We were greeted and taken to our Yurt by Rita who gave me a big hug and even offered me a banana! Can you believe it?

Hanging out with Rita who showed us to our Yurt

The Yurt was beyond belief! Check it out!

They carved a chair with a view, just for me!

Lots of room for me to play in here!
Hey! Look at me!
Just one glass of wine to help Dave and Dedi celebrate 25 years together!

Going a short hike

Dedi shows me the nest! I love it. Wish  I could sleep there!

We had a nice dinner and soon it was time to call it a night.

Dave promised me a fun bike ride on Saturday! Can't wait!

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